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L Janáček | Káťa

Pavla studied the role of Janacek´s Kata Kabanova on the occasion of Janacek´s Inter­national Theatre and Music Festival Janacek Brno 2016, under the leadership of the stage director Robert Carsen. See more

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L Janáček | Jenůfa

In the new staging of Janáček's Jenůfa at the National Theatre in Brno Pavla appears in the title role. The successful opening, conducted by Marko Ivanović, took place on 4 October 2015. During the current season Pavla will sing the role of Jenůfa again on 7 November 2015 and 12 February 2016.

List of productions

  • new staging at Brno National Theatre, opening on 4 October 2015, conductor Marco Ivanović , director Martin Glaser
  • Brno National Theatre, entry into the production 2011
  • Prague National Theatre, entry into the production 2011
  • Opera de Renes, France, opening 4 November 2011, conductor Ondrej Olos, stage director Pierre Constant

Reviews: France

„Pavla Vykopalová was sipmly outstanding as Jenůfa: she has exactly the right voice for the role – young, clear, bright, yet perfectly capable of riding above the orchestra at its loudest. And she matched these qualities with superb acting skills.“

www.opera.co.uk | June 2012

“Pavla Vykopalová’s Jenůfa is an unusual phenomenon, a gentle, multi-hued vocal timbre surrounding the soul. Agonizing charm captivates one from the first moment. Initially she is unassuming, modest, and almost shy; but then her expression becomes more massive, until it reaches sanctifying grandeur. Her voice is confident, bright, and clear, full of energy and technically perfect.”

www.lunion.presse.fr | 5 February 2012

“Jenůfa in its final version from 1918 has taken a firm root in the repertoire of opera houses. But the Opera in Rennes discovered for the French audience […] its original version, performed in the Brno Theatre in 1904 […]. This original score was taken up by the English musicologist Mark Audus, and it was performed in Brno again in 2008 as part of the Janáček biennial. It is much more intimate, featuring a smaller cast and an orchestra of only thirty players, and emphasizes […] the clearly exceptional instrumentation of the Czech composer.”

„The cast is dominated by Pavla Vykopalova, a permanent soloist of the Prague Opera, who sang Karolka in the Châtelet Theatre in 2003 alongside Karita Mattila. A subtle musician, she offers us a very pretty Jenufa with an attractive timbre, sublime nuances and great involvement as an actress. Despite some metallic glints in the high notes, she is currently one of the best performers of the title role.“

www.resmusica.com | 11 November 2011

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