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L Janáček | Káťa

Pavla studied the role of Janacek´s Kata Kabanova on the occasion of Janacek´s Inter­national Theatre and Music Festival Janacek Brno 2016, under the leadership of the stage director Robert Carsen. See more

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Bohuslav Martinů | Juliette


  • Prague National Theatre, conductor Tomáš Hanus, stage director Jiří Nekvasil, opening 27 March 2009


“Of the singing roles, Pavla Vykopalová as Juliette engaged attention with her cultivated expression and beautiful timbre.”

Deník | 11 May 2009

“In a well-balanced combination of lyricism and humour, the title role of Juliette was taken during the first night by Pavla Vykopalová. I have already praised her poised and technically well-controlled voice many times.”

Zápisník zmizelého | February 2009