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L Janáček | Káťa

Pavla studied the role of Janacek´s Kata Kabanova on the occasion of Janacek´s Inter­national Theatre and Music Festival Janacek Brno 2016, under the leadership of the stage director Robert Carsen. See more

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G Puccini | Liu


  • Brno National Theatre, conductor Jakub Klecker, stage director Jiří Nekvasil, opening 2 May 2011


„Pavla Vykopalová was an excellent Liu – convincing and fragile, and yet her vibrant pianissimo notes sounded warm and absolutely confident.“

Zápisník zmizelého | 3 May 2011

„The most splendid acting and vocal performance of the night was that of Pavla Vykopalová, singing Liu, a slave unhappily in love. Her lyric soprano with fine pianissimo control and moving acting gave the production much splendour. It was to appreciate her that the audiences did some frenetic applauding and foot-pounding during the final curtain calls, and following Liu´s suicide half way through Act III – in an attempt to save Calaf – the rest of the performance was less intriguing.“

oberpfalznetz.de – Andrea Prölß | 18 July 2011