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L Janáček | Káťa

Pavla studied the role of Janacek´s Kata Kabanova on the occasion of Janacek´s Inter­national Theatre and Music Festival Janacek Brno 2016, under the leadership of the stage director Robert Carsen. See more

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A Dvořák | Rusalka


  • Brno National Theatre, conductors Jaroslav Kyzlink and Ondrej Olos, stage director Vladimír Morávek, opening 24 February 2012
  • Prague State Opera, conductors Jiří Štrunc and Jan Chalupecký, stage director Zdeněk Troška, entry into the production 23 September 2007

Reviews: Brno

“The highlight of the evening was nevertheless the excellent vocal and acting performance of Pavla Vykopalová in the title role. She is clearly the best performer for this part on Czech stages at the present time. Her voice is perfectly clear in all registers: it can be lyrically dreamy as well as very dramatic, for example in the grand and musically challenging scene in the second act (“Oh, it’s futile”). Thus Vykopalová’s in­terpretation of this part matches that of the legendary Milada Šubrtová. She has clearly studied the part of Rusalka with great diligence, working masterfully with various details but at the same time bearing the whole in mind, as was particularly evident in her perfectly-shaped phrases and impressively-arched melodic curves. Besides, she has exemplary, well-practiced declamation, so that the intelligibility of the sung text is very nearly perfect.”

Opera plus | 28 May 2012

“In the title role of Rusalka, Pavla Vykopalová gave probably the performance of her life: excellent intelligibility of the sung text, cantilena, and especially her unfeigned immersion into the role.”

Deník | 29 February 2012

“The star of the evening was Pavla Vykopalová as Rusalka: her voice touching and rounded, resonant even in piano passages, firm on the high notes, with inner expression. Besides, her appearance is refined and charming.”

Hudební rozhledy | April 2012

“The poor, pale Rusalka, performed by soprano Pavla Vykopalová, was excellent both musically and theatrically. She moved on the stage so naturally and airily that you could imagine for a moment this blue-haired water nymph was actually born this way and until now appeared only in disguise.”

Musicologica | 19 March 2012

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Prague State Opera

Brno National Theatre